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World’s Largest Auction of Pre-Embargo Havana Cigars

For all Cigar lovers out there, London is the place to be – Why? Because the world’s largest auction of Pre-Embargo Havanas is set to take place on November 30.

According to Mitchell Orchant, managing director of C.Gars Ltd, “There will be almost 300 lots of much sought-after vintage Havanas, most of which are still smokeable.” 
Oooh I can imagine it now, all the banned stuff now available to be bid on freely.
The auction will include rare cigars such as 23 El Talento Hemingway Pre-Embargo Havanas anticipated to fetch £1,200-£1,500, a 150 Presidencia Havanas vintage 2004 and a sealed box made for famous theatrical impresario Emile Littler which contains 25 Pre-Embargo H. Upmann Double Claro No.15s.
Orchant believes most buyers will be cigar aficionados in America, mainland Europe, India and China so if you want one, you better hop to it…..Happy bidding.

Check out www.cgarsltd.co.uk
Photos by Tillmann U. Pretscher

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