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Real Techniques MultiTech Collection lands with a bang!

Real Techniques launched their MultiTech Collection with 3 floors of bang to be exact! Imagine 3 floors of makeup, colour, brushes and sponges to play with; all to show us how cool and effective the new MultiTech Collection is.

The Real Techniques MultiTech Collection is a new collection of brushes and sponge with one universal cut but can be used in many – if not limitless ways.

The USPs

The brushes in the collection have unique features: for example, the cut is for detailing and blending, the extreme tapper has a supreme pick up and application of any product, the tip is firm yet flexible enough to blend and apply product in contours of the face and the base is large and round for expert blending. Make up addicts everywhere rejoice!

The collection is made up of Small Points Set, Point L, Point XL, Point XXL, and Point Makeup Sponge. So as you can see, there’s a brush for every face size and shape. Whatever look you’re going for, there’s a brush to help you achieve it. Now let’s take a look at these brushes in detail …

Small Points Set – £30

This brush set comes in 4 sizes for detailed application + precision blending, it also has a brush stand to store and prevent damage. This set contains:

point S: For all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines, highlighter.

point XS: For color correcting, concealer, crease shadow.

point XXS: For detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending.

point XXXS: For brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing.

Point L Brush -£16

This is perfect for focused face application and bending.

Point XL Brush -£18

For full face application and blending.

Point XXL Brush -£18

For neck and body application and blending.

Point Makeup Sponge – £10

This can be used dry or damp, and its point is perfect for detail while the round base delivers flawless blended results.

The MultiTech Collection is available now in Superdrug stores nationwide, and even better, I noticed the Real Techniques website has tons of tutorials on how to make the most of the MultiTech Collection so enjoy x


Real Techniques MultiTech Collection Launch

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