Review: Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral shampoo


This shampoo made my top ten sulphate free shampoo and conditioners post last year, but this is a more detailed review after I used the entire shampoo.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral shampoo is part of a spa range Dead Sea Spa Magik which includes a conditioning scalp mud and a magic serum which can be used as a daily conditioner or intensive treatment. I only used the shampoo and that’s what this review is based on.

There are several things I like about this shampoo; first it’s sulphate free, second it’s organic and its ingredients is a blend of mud, salts and mineral extracts from the sea. All of these sound like they’ll have great benefits for hair because if the years of spa treatments and spa products have taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing but good things in the middle of the Dead Sea.

The shampoo its self is white and creamy with a nice pleasant smell. It comes in a nice big bottle too so depending on how it’s used, it could last well past a month. I use two squirts for every wash and it’s enough. It lathers easily, and lifts away product build up with the first wash.

It’s great for repairing and hydrating damaged hair, so continuous use will solve issues of dry and flaky hair as well as split ends. It also treats dandruff.

While I don’t have issues with dandruff, hydration and keeping a healthy scalp to promote growth has been my main objective and Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral shampoo has passed the test with flying colours.

My hair always feel soft after use, it is light – not weighed down by grease and has a nice healthy bounce. I no longer have a problem with split ends or tearing when the hair is wet and most importantly the hair is growing at a very fast rate which is my main goal for going sulphate free.

Shampooing is just the first step so it’s advisable to use other natural products to compliment it. My standard hair routine is a sulphate free protein treatment every fortnight and a virgin coconut oil hot treatment once a month. All these contribute to healthy hair.

I highly recommend Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral shampoo. It’s about £7 in all good hair and beauty shops.

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