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Review: Ergon, London

I was recently at Greek restaurant Ergon to sample their new deli menu. Ergon is fairly new, it’s been around for about five months so a baby in restaurant years but its success is not a surprise.

Fuelled by delicious authentic Greek food and an ambitious owner, Ergon is going places. Mostly Europe and then America in early 2015.

I must admit I am a huge fan of Greek hospitality and I’ve made no secret of it; remember my post on Carpo? Well, Ergon has its own unique character and ambience. I mean, what’s not to like? The staff is very friendly and welcoming. More than happy to feed you good food; very much like Italians in that way.

My visit was about tasting the new deli menu with an intimate group of ten food bloggers so as you can imagine, it was about trading war stories, swapping tips about the best restaurants in London and of course enjoying all that Ergon has to offer.

The restaurant itself is very cosy with its stripped back décor and minimalist wooden benches which actually makes dinning there very intimate. The food was moreish and I loved the fact that you can buy the ingredients used in the Ergon’s food in the shop. The restaurant also has a wide selection of drinks, from non-alcoholic and cocktails to an extensive wine list.

And now, onto the menu, while I do have plenty of photos of what was served on the night, I was enjoying myself far too much to actually write any of the names down so bear with me but a few did stand out; the lamb which just melts in your mouth, the squid and the delicious bean based spread which is like hummus but not quite. Oh not to forget the green pasta dish which was to die for.

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I fall a little bit more in love with Greek gastronomy every time I come in contact with it and Ergon certainly made a big impression on me. The menu has a lot of delicious meals to choose from, the ambience is something different and considering how good the food is, they are very reasonably priced – between £4 and £8. I’ll definitely recommend Ergon if you are looking to enjoy really good food, also, the wooden benches makes it a perfect place to have an intimate gathering with friends.

(Photographs by Jack Oughton / tastingbritain.co.uk)

4/5* (Expectations were exceeded)

Ergon, London. 16 Picton Place, W1U 1BP


5/5 excellent

4/5 exceeded expectations

3/5 met expectations and was very pleasant

2/5 did not meet expectations

1/5 dreadful



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