Review: Lush Roots Hair Treatment

This week, I decided to deviate from the protein treatment I use for my fortnightly hair treatment and use the Lush Roots hair treatment I received at a recent Lush hair event. It’s supposed to be all natural so it wasn’t much of a deviation as my usual homemade protein treatment also is.

Roots hair treatment contains honey, nettle, orange, neroli, grapefruit oil, and mint among other things. It is recommended for fine hair in order to revitalise it. I don’t have fine hair, mine’s on the thick and stubborn side but hey, that needs nourishment and revitalising too so I decided to give it a try.


The Process

As per the instructions, I divided my dry hair into four sections and saturated the entire hair. First, I love the fact that the treatment goes on dry hair, it cuts down the time spent as usually, most treatments required the hair to be shampooed before treatment is added then shampooed again to get it out.

Lush recommends that you massage the treatment into scalp and hair follicles, and leave on for 20 -30 minutes before washing out and styling.

Taking into consideration the toughness of my hair, I left the treatment on for an hour and half. It was tingling, minty and soothing which I guess meant it was working.

Another thing I was impressed with is the fact that the treatment was thick enough to hold the hair as opposed to light and runny, and leaving a mess everywhere. It just made the whole process a lot more efficient.

After washing it out, I dubbed on a little coconut oil and blow dried the hair to fantastic results. I had that ‘Ahh’ moment you get when something feels good. My hair felt strong and fragrant, and very manageable which is a rarity in my case.


Roots is very effective as a hair treatment. Being all natural, it could easily replace my homemade protein treatment. My only concern will be that one treatment used up the entire pot and for someone who does this every two weeks, it could prove to be an expensive habit at £9.95 a pot.

Other than that, I love Roots, it made my hair soft, manageable, shiny, and every now and then when the wind blows my hair into my face I catch a whiff of mint that tells me my hair loves it too.

Lush Roots Hair Treatment – £9.95.

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