Review: Ping Pong Restaurant, Wembley. London Designer Outlet

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Ping Pong, Wembley.

I had heard great things about Ping Pong so I wanted to kill two birds with one stone – visit Ping Pong and check out the London Designer Outlet, all for the first time.

With seven restaurants already opened around London, I had high expectations of the newly opened Ping Pong restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed. It became quickly obvious that the Ping Pong brand has perfected its trade – the art of dim sum and the sophisticated restaurant look down to perfection.

The new look interior is reminiscent of the urban side of 1930s Shanghai chic with splashes of paprika red, jade green and charcoal grey. The darkly lit interior and walls decorated with custom made artwork makes it difficult to take photographs but is perfect for date night.

There’s a dim sum counter at the front of the restaurant so customers can watch their dim sum being prepared in front of them. There’s also a dedicated tea and cocktail bar producing artesian cocktails that Ping Pong is known for.

Restaurant Reviews London & London Restaurants Reviews
Ping Pong, Wembley: Interior

Once seated, service was swift and the friendly staff were very helpful with recommendations and explanation of specials.
I was impressed with Ping Pong’s extensive menu which ranges from dim sum, general Asian and Vietnamese dishes as well as vegetarian options. There’s something for everyone and the wine list isn’t bad either.

Restaurant Reviews London & London Restaurants Reviews
Ping Pong, Wembley.

My colleague and I didn’t have to wait long for our meals once ordered but with everything brought out at once; the food was in danger of getting cold before we got to it especially as the recommendation was to order a minimum of 4-5 dishes per person. This also meant, the dishes for two people couldn’t fit on one table and we had to use the table next to ours to accommodate all the dishes. Let’s just say, we were grateful the restaurant wasn’t filled to capacity that night.

Restaurant Reviews London & London Restaurants Reviews
Ping Pong, Wembley.

That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Ping Pong, the meals were reasonably priced (sauces from £0.95, soups from £3.95 and the most expensive item on the menu – guangzhou champagne cocktail is £11.95). They also have some of the most exotic cocktails I have ever tasted.

Restaurant Reviews London & London Restaurants Reviews
Ping Pong, Wembley

(Photographs by Jack Oughton /

3.5/5* (Expectations were met but it wasn’t quite a 4* experience)

Ping Pong, 68-70 First Floor, Level 2, London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park.

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