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Review: Rocket Bishopsgate

Rocket is a lounge bar and pizza restaurant catering to the financial district of Bishopsgate with a delicious menu and exquisite wines.

Life & Soul Lifestyle - Review Rocket Bishopsgate

Life & Soul Lifestyle - Review
Wine Wall
Rocket Bishopsgate, lounge and pizza restaurant

I was at Rocket Bishopsgate with a friend and fellow food writer recently to try their stone baked pizzas. Located on Bishopsgate adjacent to The Broadgate Tower; Rocket has a first floor bar for private hire as well as a ground floor bar & restaurant. It’s also part of a chain with five restaurants, four in London (Holborn, Canary Wharf, Bishopgate & The City) and one in Nottingham.

Rocket Bishopsgate turned out to be a fashionable lounge bar and pizza restaurant with designer decor including a wall of wine. I was impressed with their innovative pizza toppings, delicious salads and extensive wine collection. Rocket is a restaurant catering to the financial district of Bishopsgate with a delicious menu and exquisite wines. They have champagne and cocktails too but we reckon their wines compliment the menu perfectly.


Life & Soul Lifestyle - Food Review Life & Soul Lifestyle - Food Review


We selected a delightful Argentinian Malbec, full bodied and it got better with each passing minute it was out of the bottle, to accompany our starters which were beef carpaccio served on a bed a rocket spiced with balsamic vinegar for a sweet and crunchy taste, and Thai flavoured king prawns on slices of sweet crunchy peppers and cucumbers.


Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant review Life & Soul Lifestyle -Restaurant review Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant review Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant review Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant review

Then came our main, two stoned baked pizzas, one topped with cheese, peppers and prawns, a first for us (prawn topped pizza) and the second, with pulled pork and cheese topping. Both pizzas were different but equally yummy. We then tried a Rocket favourite, steak chips – a mountain of chips and deliciously seasoned beef heaped on a bed of rocket salad with a side of cheese and garlic seasoning. They don’t call it a favourite for nothing, it was well worth the try.
We also tried Rocket’s grilled tuna with steamed broccoli on a bed of seasoned crunchy vegetables. We finished off the meal with Irish Jameson coffee liqueur and a lemon sorbet for dessert. All in all, a fantastic meal perfectly complimented by our choice of wine.


Life & Soul Lifestyle- Rocket Pizza Life & Soul Lifestyle - Rocket Pizza



Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant Review Life & Soul Lifestyle - Restaurant reviews

The menu at Rocket Bishopsgate is well thought out and put together, generally on the healthy side with most foods grilled, and the vegetables steamed or sliced fresh and crunchy. There’re no excessive fried foods on the menu which we think is great. We were impressed with the wine wall and selection; and most of all, very impressed with the ambience.
It wasn’t crowded nor was the bar overflowing with loud, drunk City workers as we have come to expect from similar eateries. It was buzzing with activity but the music was at a reasonable level so we could converse with one another without shouting and this combined with the delicious food made it a very enjoyable dining experience. We recommend it!

Address: Rocket Restaurant, 201 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3AB

Phone: 020 7377 8863



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