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Spring beauty: My favourite cleansing oils

Sun’s finally out – hurrah. Like every Londoner, I’m enjoying it and long may it continue.
Skincare wise, my routine has changed too. During winter, I used Trilogy’s cleansing balm which was thick and moisturising and melted dirt and waterproof makeup as well as Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Cleanser because all the central heating was drying up my skin.
Now that the sun is out, I still need a cleanser that will get rid of dirt and makeup. And also keep skin hydrated at all times but it has to be light, easy to use and here are my current favourites

Simple Skin Grapeseed Oil

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring cleansing oils review

This is an old favourite I used back when it launched, I loved it then and I love it now.
It’s made with grape seed oil which is super light so doesn’t clog pores and cause breakouts.
Instead, it binds to oily grease, dirt and make up to lift it off the skin which is great to hear. It’s also enriched with Vitamin A and E to nourish the skin.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring cleansing oils review

Forgive the pun but it’s super simple to use, my morning cleansing routine now is so easy- no more cleansing cloths, no hassle, I just massage a little into my face and neck and wash it away in the shower. It completely cleanses pores and lifts dirt residue in seconds.

B. Cosmetics Micellar Oil

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring beauty: My favourite cleansing oils

I’ve seen this around Instagram so many times, I just had to try it. It’s an oil to milk cleanser so turns milky when water is applied to dissolve all makeup and impurities.
It contains pomegranate seeds that moisturises the skin, chia seed oil that purifies it and vitamin E that protects and soothes the skin.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring cleansing oils reviewI have used it a few times and while I like its simplicity of use, it’s not done a great job of getting all dirt off the skin. There’s been a few times where after use, my toner has caught a few remaining dirt – personally I would have expected the Micellar Oil to catch it all but on the other hand, that’s what toners are for.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring beauty: My favourite cleansing oils

My final cleansing favourite for this spring is this much loved DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I’ve heard so much about this and I’ve been dying to try it.
It’s an olive oil–based facial cleanser that dissolves make-up and leaves zero residue. It emulsifies into a cleansing milk when you rinse, leaving skin soothed, refreshed, and balanced.
It contains Olive oil. rich in antioxidants that fight damage caused by free radicals without clogging pores and invigorating rosemary leaf oil.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com- Spring cleansing oils review

Just massage a few pumps into dry skin, it turns milky when rinsed to dissolve dirt, waterproof makeup and excess oil leaving skin clean and super soft.

These cleansers are super quick and I’m loving it. I’m sure I’ll be adding new cleansers as the weather gets hotter, and well you know, I’m a skincare addict.
Has your cleansing routine changed since the weather did? And what are your favourite cleansers? I’d love to hear if there are other cleanser you think I should know of.

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