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The Noble M600 Supercar is almost here

Noble M600 Supercar is finally in  production. I have to say the excitement is mounting among car enthusiasts after years of waiting for the Noble M600 Supercar to enter production.

Only one has been made so far but manufacturers claim there would be 50 more. Anyone who wants one better hurry as the Noble M600 won’t be around for long, just make sure your £200,000 is ready.

Specs of the Noble M600

-Twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter Yamaha V8 with three power levels; Road, Track and Race
-Adaptable Performance Control switch will vary the V8’s output between each level
-450 brake horsepower
-550 bhp
-2,775 pounds in weight
-0-60 in three seconds
-Top speed of 225 miles per hour
Check out the test drive of the Noble M600 on Top Gear UK.

 More images of the Noble M600 Supercar


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