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Wine lovers rejoice, the Wine Lovers Box is here.

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www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – wine subscription boxI have exciting news for wine lovers, there’s a new subscription box in town and it’s all about taking you on an adventure.
Curated by yours truly, I’m super excited to introduce the Wine Lovers Box – a wine subscription box that caters to anyone who enjoys wine and wants to expand their palette or try something new.

Why a Wine Subscription Box?

I’m a wine lover, it’s part of who I am and I talk about it on this blog and social media channels all the time but I realised I was in a rut – drinking the same wine from the same region all the time even though there were so many options out there. So I made a conscious decision earlier this year to be adventurous and shake things up. As a result, I started trying wine from different countries and little known producers. I have loved learning about the vineyards and of course enjoyed the wine! That’s when I had the idea, if I was tired of drinking the same wine every week, perhaps there are other wine lovers out there who will relish the chance to try something new. Excited to share my new discoveries, I took inspiration from the many beauty boxes I subscribe to and decided to curate my own Wine Box.

What you get

The Wine Lovers Box is a quarterly subscription box that brings subscribers two full sized (750ml) wine plus an extra gift with every delivery at £29 (or the dollar equivalent). It ships on the 18th of every shipping month.

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – wine subscription box

The First Edition Wine Lovers Box

For the very first box, I have chosen two bottles from the famous Valle Central region in Chile – an area where the sunny warm climate and ideal soil conditions allow the quality of the grapes to shine through. The red is easy drinking, and compliments cheeses, beefs and stews; while I adored the white – something the old me would have frowned on as I stuck to only reds. But the adventurer in me loves this white wine, it’s light, crisp and will win over most wine lovers. There’s also a sweet treat that pairs beautifully with the chosen wine.

That’s all I’m going to say, as I don’t want to give too much away. I want there to be an element of surprise when subscribers receive their box. After all, the main appeal of a subscription box is the anticipation. But I am super excited for you to discover the wine for yourselves.

I’ve been talking about this box since the beginning of the year, I’m sure everyone close to me is tired of hearing about it but it’s finally here and I’m giving a special code ‘WINELOVERS100’ to readers who want to subscribe for FREE shipping.
There are 3,6 & 12-month subscription options available, as well as Gift Cards if you want to buy subscriptions for friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Check out the Wine Lovers Box here. Don’t forget to tag me (@lifeandsoullifestyle – IG) and use the hashtag #WINELOVERSBOX for reposts. x

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