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Yeo Valley embrace autumn with a new flavour

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Summer’s over and autumn is here but there’s no need to get sad because despite the rain; autumn can be lovely and quite scenic and most importantly, brands work hard to spice up the season. Cue in Yeo Valley owned by The Mead family who love traditionally inspired recipes and just launched their new Yeo Valley Spiced Apple & Quince yogurt. First of all, quince? I think the Yeo Valley kitchen deserves a thumps up, when was the last time you had a product with quince? Very innovative!

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com - Yeo Valley

According to the brand, British organic quince was not to be found, but their search uncovered a delicious batch ripened to perfection in sunny Andalucía. They are on a fruit quest to track down the best organic fruit from Britain, and around the world; and we look forward to tasting their discoveries.

The inspiration behind the fragrant yogurt comes from a much loved family Christmas pudding recipe.
The recipe combines the tart flavour of the quince with Granny Smith apples and a warming dash of mixed spice. Stirred in to creamy wholemilk yogurt, to produce the perfect seasonal blend making it the perfect winter warmer,

Yeo Valley Spiced Apple and Quince is available from all major retailers from September at £1.50 for 500g.

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