6 of the best fragrance mists to get you through a summer heatwave.

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Thanks to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, fragrance mists became the unsung heroes. Like full-blown fragrances, they indulge your senses, uplift, and lighten your mood, without overwhelm in confined spaces. They are lighter versions of fragrances that don’t irritate the people you’re in lockdown with, who may not appreciate strong smells in close quarters.

But fragrance mists aren’t just for enduring lockdown, as you know, they can be used all year round as lighter, more diluted versions of fragrances. They are light, refreshing, lifts the mood, and have the added benefit of being hydrating to your skin, not to mention cost a fraction of what a 30, 50, or 100ml bottle of fragrance does.

They’ve been perfect to use during the lockdown, and even now that the lockdown is over, they are perfect for the occassional summer heatwave.

Here are six of the best fragrance mists for your skin and hair this summer:

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Fragrance Mist

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – hydrating body mists for heatwave

A classic among body mist lovers, this fragrance mist subtly scents your entire body with cassis buds and fresh rose, with a hint of warm spices and amber. It’s surprisingly spicy for a rose fragrance, although very refreshing on skin when it’s humid.

Yardley London Poppy & Violet Body Mist

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – fragrance mists for summer

This uplifting, floral fragrance contains moisturising sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, glycerin and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately fragranced. It opens with wild ivy with sparkling bergamot and spicy red pepper, combining a floral heart of English poppy with accents of rose and violet, blending with cashmere, musk and warm cedarwood.

It also makes a great hand sanitiser, as it contains 75% alcohol making it perfect for the times we’re in.


www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – fragrance mists for summer

To give you an uplifting experience, this fragrance mist is infused with crystals for both hair and body. It’s formulated with a sustainably-sourced blend of essential oils like palo santo, cardamom, peru balsam and myrrh for an earthy, grounding experience.

Miaroma Lavender & Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – hydrating body mists for heatwave

For a spa-like feel to the body and your senses, give this very hydrating mist a go. Made with liquid coconut oil to quench dehydrated skin, it can be applied all over the face and body, to calm both your body and mind.

Rabot 1745 Beauty – London Body Mist

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com – fragrance mists for summer

An ode to the city of London, this light and refreshing mist is hydrating for your skin and personal space. It’s made with white star-like tiaré flower, rich with creamy sweetness, and unfurls to produce a jasmine-like scent.

The Ritual Of Hammam Revitalising Body Mist

www.lifeandsoullifestyle.com –  hydrating body mists for heatwave

Indulgent to the senses, this gorgeous smelling mist combines the aromatic ingredients of rosemary and eucalyptus to scent your body and lift your mood. It’s an alcohol-free formula that hydrates your skin while keeping it cool.

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