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Dove Skincare recently unveiled a new addition to their skincare range; Dove Derma Spa. A skincare collection the brand describe as ‘their most scientifically advanced body care products ever.’ The Derma Spa range took 10 years and 280 scientists to develop, and aims to re-establish the connection between women and their bodies.

Dove Derma Spa range is built around moisturisation and harnesses Dove’s Cell – Moisturisers TM Technology to replenish moisture lost while showering and also actively stimulate the production of natural moisturising factors in the skin, protecting it both inside and out. Each Derma Spa collection has its own subtle scent.

Dove Derma Spa Range in detail


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The Goodness³ range is made up of Goodness³ Body Lotion, Goodness³ Body Oil, Goodness³ Body Cream and Goodness³ Indulgent Hand Cream.
It combines omega oil derived from sea buckthorn with Cell-MoisturisersTM which work at the heart of skin cells, leaving the skin full of moisture. Omega oil, known to replenish the skin’s barrier, is infused in Dove’s active formula to smooth skin’s texture, making it luminous, velvety soft and even looking. Goodness³ includes a sophisticated fragrance with a mix of creamy vanilla, succulent coconut and musk, as well as crisp citrus, energizing ginger and fruity apple notes combined with a sophisticated bouquet of freesia and frangipani.


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This range comes in three invigorating formats: Uplifted+ Body Lotion, Uplifted+ Bo.  Uplifted+ provides deep penetrating moisture and nourishment which is the key driver for visibly restoring elasticity and firmness in the skin. The range includes an innovative rollerball serum that moisturises to improve firmness and elasticity with its gentle massaging action. It has an exquisite fragrance of dancing waterlillies and cucumber, freshened with green violet leaves combined with sensual sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli and sweet musk.


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This is Dove’s first spa-like body lotion combining natural, gentle tanners with CellMoisturisersTM. This self-tanning lotion delights with a daily dose of summer for a healthy-looking bronze glow. It’s available in two lotions: Summer Revived for fair to medium skin and Summer Revived for medium to dark skin.

The Dove Derma Spa range is now available in stores nationwide.


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