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Father’s day gift idea:

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With father’s day just round the corner, I feel it’s the perfect time to talk about one of my all-time favourite brands, A’kin.

Why I adore A’kin so much? A’kin products are all natural – made with natural goodness that benefits the skin in so many ways. It has active botanics and is completely free of paraben and sulphate free. All A’kin products are also free from animal ingredients or animal by-products.

A’kin has just branched into men’s skincare with a new product, A’kin Pure Man which I believe will make an excellent gift for any man and a great father’s day gift.

The A’kin Pure Man range has five products made with orange, ginseng and spice. The range includes:

  • A’kin Pure Man visibly fit 24 hour moisturiser which targets signs of ageing.
  • A’kin Pure Man energising all in one hair + body wash which is soap free and cleanses and energises the skin.
  • A’kin Pure Man calming after shave balm – an alcohol free balm that soothes and hydrates the skin.
  • A’kin Pure Man invigorating daily face wash – a soap free facial wash that cleanses and refreshes.
  • A’kin Pure Man dual action face wash + scrub which deeply cleanses and soothes the skin.



The whole range has a distinctive smell thanks to the added orange, ginseng and spice. It leaves the user smelling spicy and masculine. A’kin Pure Man is also the first scented A’kin product I’ve come across.

The entire range including the after shave balm is alcohol free, and like everything from A’kin is free of sulfate free (sodium lauryl sulfate SLS, sodium laureth sulfate SLES, ammonium laureth sulfate ALES), paraben free and phthalate free.

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Being a product for men, I had to find a tester and here’s what he had to say about A’kin Pure Man after 14 days use.
Smell: I like the spiciness of the smell. It’s subtle and not overpowering like other skincare products I’ve tried before.

Moisturising and Hydration: The aftershave balm in particular was very soothing and calming. I have dry skin but the moisturiser did a great job of hydrating my skin every time after use.

My favourite out of the entire range was the body scrub and facial washes, I always got a refreshing tingling feeling after a shower or whenever I washed my face. (I believe that’s the healing properties of the ginseng at work)

I enjoyed using A’kin Pure Man because it was refreshing, not greasy at all and absorbed into my skin very easy. It didn’t irritate my skin, I liked the smell and at the back of mind, knowing it was all natural products felt good. I’ll strongly recommend A’kin Pure Man, it’ll refresh and recharge your senses every time you use it.

Final word

So there you have it, A’kin Pure Man gets a huge thumps up from us. Visit www.mypure.co.uk for more information and to buy the entire range. As I said earlier, it’ll make a great father’s day gift.

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