Back pain relief with the Back Nodger

Back pain massage with the Back Nodger

back pain

We all experience back pain at some point caused by anything from sitting incorrectly, awkward bending or lifting, to sports injuries. Although such back problems may be temporary, they can be very uncomfortable.

According to experts, lower back pain is the most common form of back pain which in most cases is caused by minor sprains or injuries to the muscles in the back or by old age. It can be also be triggered by normal, everyday activities at home or at work, or progress slowly as a result of bad posture or lifting badly.

If you sit behind the computer all day with like me then you are no doubt in discomfort with stiff shoulders and tight back from knots and tense muscles.

In my quest for relief, I recently gave the Back Nodger a try. The Back Nodger is a self-massager designed as a home version of the trigger-point release therapy technique used by physios and massage therapists.

The Back Nodger makes it easy to get to and relieve the built up knots and tension in shoulders, necks and backs accumulated throughout the day.

It’s quite low tech and easy to use and the instructions which are on the board the Back Nodger is attached to are easy to follow. All I had to do was hook the Back Nodger over my shoulder, hold the red massage point to wherever I felt tension or a stiff muscle and apply deep pressure.

Apparently, what the Back Nodger does when applied to tense muscles and knots is increase blood flow to the area and relax tight muscle fibres relieving any back pain.

I was impressed with the Back Nodger; it is portable, takes just seconds to feel the relief after use and it’s convenient to have around the office and home to use whenever you experience any form of back discomfort. Mine’s next to my computer desk, within easy reach for use every hour I am behind my computer.

Get the Back Nodger at for £29.99

Have you tried the Back Nodger for your back pain?


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