Ballroom- new meatball speakeasy opens in the City – Ballroom basement bar review

There’s a meatball speakeasy in town. What can I say? I love my food and I love the concept of a meatballs speakeasy even more. Launched earlier this month, Ballroom certainly adds something new to the food landscape in the city. – Ballroom meatball speakeasy

I attended the press launch and very much loved the vibe of Ballroom; it’s low-lit and laid back with a cosy underground den. – Ballroom meatball speakeasy

The venue itself has a lot of character with exposed brick walls and tables fashioned from reclaimed parquet flooring. – Ballroom basement bar review

The menu offers Tapas style homemade, hand-rolled meatballs, a cocktail menu with drinks like Negroni, Old Fashioned and Margarita; as well as a selection of spirits, wines, lagers and craft ales. – Ballroom basement bar review – Ballroom meatball speakeasy – Ballroom basement bar review – Ballroom meatball speakeasy

Just so you know, Ballroom might be a meatball joint but not all the meatballs are made of meat – there are fish and vegan options too. The beetroot meatballs in particular are to die for. – Ballroom basement bar review – Ballroom meatball speakeasy

All meatballs are served with bases such as pasta of the day, couscous, creamy mash or wilted greens and a variety of sides including homemade slaws and salads. – Ballroom meatball speakeasy – Ballroom meatball speakeasy

During the day, the Ballroom offers great coffee and pastries and turns into a cosy speakeasy at night. If you’re a bit of a foodie, I’ll recommend Ballroom because it presents an adventure and the food is delicious.

Ballroom: 39a Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1DT

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