Beauty from within: Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen beauty review

Experts always say beauty from within is the best kind and I’ll definitely put this Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen in that category. I generally like beauty supplements because they are effective and frankly work faster than any product you can put on your skin. - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen review

I’ve been trying this Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen for some time and full disclosure, I should be further along than I am now, but I’m not that diligent when it comes to taking my daily vitamins and beauty supplements but I’m still working through it. This bottle contains 3 months’ worth of supplements. - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen beauty review

I like this Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen very much because it contains three of my favourite beauty ingredients – collagen, hyaluronan and astaxanthin. In my opinion the three ingredients that solve almost all skincare issues. - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen review

Collagen which reduces in production as we age supports our skin and cartilage, holds our bones and muscles together, and protects our organs. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin hydration and elasticity.  

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) increases skin hydration and elasticity, and also reduces wrinkle depth.

Astaxanthin, another amazing antioxidant that is 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C. It basically repairs and protects skin from UV damage, boosts our immune system and aids muscle repair.

So really this beauty supplement is a 3 – in – 1 powerhouse that reduces fine lines, helps grow hair and nails, and protects skin and joints. No wonder it’s won so many awards - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen beauty review

One thing that makes this Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen a little different than other beauty supplements, is how it’s delivered to the body. Most supplements dissolve in the stomach so doesn’t get to the place it needs to be absorbed to be most effective but with this Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen, the capsule is protected until it gets to the small intestines where the capsule dissolves and lets out the ingredients to be absorbed where they’ll be most effective. - Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen beauty review

I’m getting better at taking these supplements daily and I’ll recommend them because like I said, the ingredients alone make it a must. if you don’t believe me just check any well rated skincare product on the market, it’ll contain the same ingredients and ingesting it in a capsule form makes it more potent than any cream you can put on your skin.

You can find out more about the Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen on their website and is available to buy at many online beauty stores like Look fantastic etc.

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