Body Scrubs

Best Body Scrubs:

Beauty experts tell us we should exfoliate at least twice a week because it gets rid of dead skin cells and unclogs pores, and the circular massage motions increase blood flow which in turn helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Here are 6 of the best Body Scrubs:

Ruby Red Smoothing Body Scrub

BS033 - 500ml Smoothing Body Scrub sml Chunky salts immersed in natural essential oils of Sweet Mandarin, Zesty Lemon and Bergamot, and combined with warming undertones of wild Cedarwood; this is what I call an old school scrub. Sometimes, a little too big and too slippery that it just slides off the skin but made from natural mineral salts which exfoliates and revitalises the skin, helping to draw out toxins. This scrub is suitable for all skin types and if you have enough time, let the residual oils dry naturally after a shower and your skin will be soft, glowing and smelling zesty all day. £35.00/500ml,

YON KA Phyto-Gel Exfoliant

phyto-gel_exfoliant rs This gel scrub is tough on all problems areas on the body but somehow still gentle on the face. It contains Bamboo silica and Jojoba beads which exfoliates dead skin cells and rough patches leaving skin soft, smooth and velvety. The gel also contains lactic acid, red seaweed, sweet almond proteins and essential oils; petitgrain, lavender, rosemary, sage and everlasting which will soften and hydrate the skin leaving it baby soft. For optimal results, use three times a week.

S.W.Basics Scrub

596x596_SWBodyScrub rs After I resisted putting this delicious smelling all natural scrub made of Coarse Organic Demerara Sugar mixed with Organic Shredded Coconut and Organic Coconut oil on my cereal, it worked brilliantly as a scrub. It is gentle on sensitive areas and tough on rough skin areas such as elbows and knees. It alleviates dry skin and softens the skin with every use. I was also very impressed with the concept behind the S.W.Basics brand which uses only organic and no more than 5 natural ingredients in any of its products. £19,

Guava Salt Body Scrub

Guava Salt Body Scrub This luxurious salt scrub removes rough, dry skin, while the white guava extract in it replenishes much-needed moisture leaving the skin polished and rejuvenated. The scrub contains safflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil, sea salt, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and guava fruit extract so it replenishes moisture and leaves the skin soft and free of any dead skin cells.

Caudalie New Divine Scrub

Gommage Divin - Divine Scrub rs An all natural and gentle body scrub which gently sweeps away dead skin cells and turns milky when it comes in contact with water. Made from Caudalie’s trademark grapefruit together with scented violet leaf, Bulgarian rose absolute, cedar, vanilla, musks and delicately enhanced with orange blossom and solar jasmine. Just massage into the skin in circular motions until the sugar crystals melt, then rinse off. £26,

Tough Stuff

tough-stuff Don’t let the pink fool you, this no- nonsense body scrub from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is tough and persistent. It has the stubbornness of beach sand – it doesn’t dissolve when it comes in contact with water and will stay put until properly washed away. Tough Stuff is perfect for the feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands and is brilliant for removing stubborn old tan and preparing the skin for a new application.
£4.50 for 50ml x2,

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