MAC launches ‘A Tartan Tale’ makeup range!

As a November born I’ve always thought it is the coolest month of the year. Maybe I am biased but with the launch of MAC’s new A Tartan Tale make-up collection at the beginning of November, you are bound to agree with me. A Tartan Tale is a holiday collection with a mixture of autumn shades and colours, the collection …

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Check out the new Guerlain Perfume

Guerlain has just unveiled IDYLLE Eau de Toilette as a follow up to 2009’s IDYLLE Eau de Parfum. Created by Guerlain House Perfumer Thierry Wasser, IDYLLE Eau de Toilette is based on the Bulgarian rose. It takes 3,000kg of the flower (also known as the Damascas Rose) to create just 1kg of the scent. The IDYLLE Eau de Toilette is …

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New Beauty Bible by Bobbi Brown

With a very successful make-up line under her belt, if anyone can give beauty advice it is Bobbi Brown. The beauty guru is back with her new book ‘Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules’.    Her first book, ‘Teenage Beauty’ was a bestseller ten years ago. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is in tune with every busy woman’s lifestyle: a pared-down regime …

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Jimmy Choo perfume to Launch!

Jimmy Choo perfume coming soon. Get ready ladies, our favourite Choo has announced there will soon be a fragrance to add to the to-die-for shoes, handbags, sunglasses and most recently scarves. Not many details have been given about the up and coming fragrance but if past experience has thought us anything, it’s that whatever Jimmy Choo gives us will be …

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