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Collective live gourmet yoghurt has completely ruined my palette for any other yoghurt. With flavours like Banoffi live gourmet yoghurt, bloody orange live gourmet yoghurt, mighty mango live gourmet yoghurt, Scottish raspberry gourmet yoghurt, and luscious lemon live gourmet yoghurt; you can understand why my usual plain Greek yoghurt doesn’t seem appealing anymore.

The Collective product range in the UK includes Gourmet Yoghurts, Limited Edition Gourmet Yoghurts, Straight Up live yoghurt, on-the-go Suckies pouches for kids, Yoghurt Drinks and Yoghurt Mousse dessert pots.


With so many flavours and types to choose from, I was lucky enough to taste almost all of Collective live yoghurt range. Starting with their live yoghurt drinks which I absolutely adored for the taste of course but also the convenience for people on the go.

It makes for a great breakfast in the morning when you are rushing out of the door. It’s filling and the ingredients ensure you get the nutrients you need, it’s also a great pick me up after rigorous gym session.
The live yoghurt drink comes in four flavours; the blueberry, cranberry and acai, the apricot and banana with oats and chia seeds, Coconut, Vanilla & Honey and mango and bloody orange.

Blackcurrant & Beetroot - the UK’s first beetroot yoghurt.
Blackcurrant & Beetroot – the UK’s first beetroot yoghurt.

I found some of the flavour combinations sounded weird on paper but worked well in the pot. There are so many exciting and delicious flavours, which makes every pot you open a surprise.
It has live cultures, calcium and the calories in the live yoghurt drink and 150g pot are between 130 and 195 kcal. The 500g pots have almost 700kcal so do keep an eye because they are delicious and you might find yourself eating an entire pot.

The entire range by Collective live yoghurt is delicious which makes picking a favourite very difficult but if I had to; they would be the blueberry, cranberry and acai live yoghurt drink, the mighty mango, Scottish raspberry, and the luscious lemon live gourmet yoghurts.

Limited edition - Spiced pumpkin live gourmet yoghurt
Limited edition – Spiced pumpkin live gourmet yoghurt

I also enjoyed the spiced pumpkin live gourmet yoghurt which is a limited edition just for Halloween. Made with a richly sweet pumpkin compote, textured with the flesh of this seasonal squash and spiced with a blend of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of orange zest, it really is divine and highly recommended.

It was in a testing phase at the time I tasted it but now that we are in October, it should be hitting stores right about now.

In terms of taste and variety, the Collective live gourmet yoghurts gets 4.5 stars, they are thick and creamy with a silky smooth, clean texture and taste that melts in your mouth.

They are also very nutritious and filling; they contain probiotics, has no artificial additives and only 5% fat making them the complete package in my eyes.

The brand always has something new cooking in their kitchens and I can’t wait to taste what they come up with next.
Collective live gourmet yoghurt is available in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, The Co-op, Ocado, Wholefoods, Booths and Nisa.

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Luscious lemon
Luscious lemon

Scottish raspberry

Mighty mango

Blueberry, cranberry and acai live yoghurt drink


The Rest


Straight up


Blood(y) Orange

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