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My curious trip to Harley Street: Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh.

I don’t have many allergies or phobias but one thing I’ll put in the phobia category is needles of any kind.

Despite this, I am strangely fascinated by needles and those who endure them so I tagged along to a recent launch of Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh, a new treatment offered by Viva Skin Clinics located on Harley Street.

While derma fillers may not be full on plastic surgery, it falls under the category and this new treatment – 3D Face Refresh uses small amounts of dermal fillers injected using 3-diamensional techniques in different areas of the face to subtly improve imperfections like folds between the nose and mouth, jawline angle, cheeks and chine shape as well as temples and lips.


I will admit, watching demos of people with bumps in the middle of their noses disappear and thin lips get full and plum almost immediately, it is impossible to deny the effectiveness of the 3D Face Refresh. I now understand why treatments like Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh and plastic surgery in general is such a booming industry, the results are almost instant.

The people undergoing the treatment swear it is painless and they don’t feel the needles at all, as a numbing agent in cream form is applied to the area before the dermal fillers are injected.

Would I ever try Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh? In an instant,  if I ever get over my fear of needles. After all, who doesn’t want a perfectly chiseled jaw or a perfectly contoured face?

The treatment takes 45 minutes to complete and lasts for up to 12 months. Prices start from £350 which I think is a small price to pay for near perfection considering how much other treatments costs.

If you’d like to give Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh a go, visit vivaskinclinics.com for more information.

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