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Dr. Jackson Expedition Pack - Dr Jackson Expedition Pack Review

Beauty directors swear by the day and night cream, and we’ve heard some pretty good things about the detox tea so we thought it was time we sampled some of Dr. Jackson’s beauty products.

We thought the £35 Dr. Jackson’s Expedition Pack, is the perfect way to do this. It gives an introduction to the core Dr. Jackson’s range, giving us a chance to get to know the popular ranges well.

The Dr Jackson’s Expedition pack is also a travel pack containing small quantities of the Nourishing 01 Day Skin Cream, Rich repairing 02 Night Skin Cream, Vitamin-rich revitalising 03 Face Oil, and a bag of rejuvenating Expedition Tea, rich in anti-oxidants. The pack is essentially all that is needed to keep skin hydrated from day to night.

The Dr. Jackson products are all natural, modelled by studying how African traditional healers extract natural ingredients, Dr Jackson’s uses techniques which mimic the way that the natural ingredients used are extracted at source, and rigorously tests them to ensure purity as well as ascertain they are at a concentration high enough to be effective.

A typical Dr. Jackson’s Expedition Pack contains

1 x 01 Day Skin Cream (5ml)
1 x 02 Night Skin Cream (5ml)
1 x 03 Face Oil (10ml)
1 x Expedition Tea (Individual Bag)

01 Day Skin Cream 30ml – £40 - Dr-Jackson- 01 Skin cream - Day Cream

This all natural day cream is very popular among the brands’ users and for a good reason.
In his signature formula, Dr Jackson has developed his 01 Day Skin Cream with Kigelia, Baobab, Marula oil and Shea nut based on 21 years of pharmacognosy research.

A nutrient-rich day cream with SPF20, the natural products in this nourishing formula work in synergy to promote elasticity, even out skin tone, repair sun damage and visibly tighten the skin.

Kigelia has powerful anti-inflammatory and firming properties and promotes blemish-free skin, while fatty acid-rich Baobab encourages regeneration, and is also abundant in oleic acid and linoleic acid, which refine the skin and diminish scarring.

The hydrating and moisturising fatty acids found in Marula oil and Shea nut act as potent rejuvenators and result in an impossibly smooth skin surface.

02 NIGHT SKIN CREAM 30ML 30ML – £40 - Dr-Jackson-Night Cream

This Rich repairing formula is based on 21 years of pharmacognosy research. The 02 NIGHT SKIN CREAM is made with natural extracts of Kigelia, Baobab, Frankincense oil and Mango seed extract.

An intensive night cream, the products in this rich formula work together to heal, repair and deeply moisturise. Mango seed extract melts onto the skin and elicits a powerful emollient oil that softens and regenerates, while healing Frankincense oil works to smooth the skin and heal any visible damage.

The regenerative phytochemical properties of Kigelia improve elasticity and ensure a seamless and blemish-free complexion, while Baobab helps to alleviate dryness and damage to reveal a rejuvenated complexion.

03 FACE OIL 25ML – £30 - Dr-Jackson- face oil

This Vitamin-rich revitalising concentrate is a nourishing elixir blended from 100% natural ingredients, Dr Jackson has formulated his 03 FACE OIL to powerfully reverse the effects of damage, replenish nutrients and renew a youthful radiance.

Naturally containing a unique blend of oleic acid and linoleic acid, Baobab oil improves skin tone and elasticity while minimising scarring. Rich Marula oil has deeply moisturising qualities while anti-inflammatory Calendula reduces redness. Arnica, typically used for bruising, has potent healing properties that repair damaged tissue. The result is a visibly smoother, retexurised complexion.

Expedition Tea 175 ml – £15 - Dr Jackson Expedition Tea

Another popular product is this Expedition tea made from Baobab, Roibos, honeybush, liquorice and honey crystals. The blend is loaded with antioxidants and minerals to help kick-start each day. Baobab funicles have more antioxidants than green tea and rooibos is the perfect caffeine alternative.

The Dr. Jackson Expedition Pack and other products from the brand are available at Liberty or the Dr. Jackson website.

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