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Korean skincare brand, Erobrian recently launched 4 new face serums – Red Pepper Super Serum, Ginseng Super Serum, Yuza Super Serum and Bamboo Super Serum. They’re called Super Serums because they contain 80% concentration of the main active ingredients.

Erborian has always been a beauty brand loved for making products that use ingredients steeped in Korean tradition and we’ll know how effective Korean skincare can be so we were keen to give these super serums a try.

We tried the Red Pepper and Bamboo Super Serums for 8 weeks, testing for texture and absorption, effectiveness and the ability to work with other skincare products.

Bamboo Super Serum - Erborian Super Serums Review

Face Serums are to skin what a vaccine is to viruses. They are targeted treatments for specific skin concerns and this Bamboo Super Serum is what the skin doctor will prescribe if you have dry and dehydrated skin.

It contains two types of hyaluronic acid to moisturise and hydrate skin; as well as 80% bamboo extracts and a prebiotic, which helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

This isn’t the first Bamboo powered serum by Erborian, in fact, they have an entire bamboo skincare range because it’s a very popular ingredient in Korean skincare. What sets this super serum apart is the percentage of active ingredients in it.

Apart from hydrating skin, Bamboo is also rich in silica which has tons of skin radiance boosting benefits and helps stimulate collagen production for firmer and youthful looking skin.

Red Pepper Super Serum - Erborian Super Serums Review

The second serum we tried is the Red Pepper Super Serum which promises to illuminate and even the skin’s texture.

Known for its radiance enhancing and antioxidant properties, the main active ingredient – Red Pepper extract exfoliates skin to reveal a more even toned complexion.

The serum also contains Red Pepper Aqueous Extracts to help balance and hydrate the skin.

When used continuously, the Red Pepper Super Serum reduces the appearance of dull skin and helps it glow naturally.  

We used the Bamboo Super Serum as part of our morning skincare routine as it contains hyaluronic acid and silica that keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day to help counter dry winds and pollution. And designated the Red Pepper Super Serum to a night time serum. Giving it enough time to work overnight in resurfacing the skin to reveal a toned and more brighten complexion come morning.

Texture and absorption - Face serum for dry skin

These super serums are watery in formulation but not runny; lightweight, transparent, and also fragrance free.

All that’s needed is a pea size amount. It glides on very easily and thanks to it being very light, absorbs very quickly to leave the skin pat dry.

We were impressed with how quickly it disappeared into the skin leaving it dry to absorb moisturiser so clogged pores aren’t an issue here. The Bamboo Super Serum was the third step in our morning skincare routine and it did a good job of targeting dryness and shielding the skin from whatever environmental aggressors it had to face during the day.

At night the Red Pepper Super Serum took centre stage in our night time skincare routine. Also lightweight and watery, it’s very gentle, considering how hot red pepper can be on the tongue, this serum has none of those characteristics making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. There’s no chance of the skin getting irritated.  

Ability to work with other products

Because of their lightweight formulation and ability to absorb quickly, these super serums work well with moisturisers of all kinds. 

Erborian has an entire Bamboo and Red pepper skincare line that complement these Super Serums enhancing their effectiveness on the user’s skin concerns. But in our testing, we switched things up by pairing the Super Serum with day and night moisturisers by Boots NO7, as well as face creams by L’occitane and Glamglow; all of which worked quite well. The absorption of these creams after using the Super Serums was great and clogged pores were never an issue.                                              

Our verdict - Erborian Super Serums Review

Whether you prefer a basic 3 – step skincare routine or a 10 step Korean routine; serum is an integral part of that routine. It fixes skin issues and protects you when you step out of the comfort of your home.

And these new Erborian Super Serums do just that. We very much liked the high dosage (80%) of active ingredients, which makes them more effective.

The lightweight texture and quick absorption also mean moisturisers, face oils and makeup can sit very comfortably on top of these serums.

Let’s put it this way, if your skin breaks out because your pores are clogged, it won’t be from a Super Serum.

Another characteristic we liked is the fragrance free nature of these super serums. It means they can be used by everyone.

The Bamboo Super Serum is a great face serum for dry skin while the Red Pepper Super Serum works as an anti-aging serum or a skin brightening serum for the face.

Overall, these super serums do what you’d want a serum to do but more effectively because of the high concentration of active ingredients. It gets a thumbs up from us.

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