Getting the Chop at Chop Chop London – Chop Chop Salon Visit

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my issues with hair salons – the ridiculous waiting times and incessant chatter or shall I say gossip has always put me off. I haven’t been in one in years.

But new salon taking London by storm Chop Chop are doing a lot to change my opinion. Already established in Old Street, Chop Chop just brought their cool new concept to Westfield, Shepherds Bush and I went to put it to the test.

What is Chop Chop Promising? – Chop Chop Salon Visit

A quick styling session in 20mins for £20. The operative word here being QUICK! No waiting around or getting some ridiculous exorbitant bill. So you basically know what you’re getting and how much it cost right from the go. There are 24 hairstyles to choose from, all you have to do is make sure your hair is clean and you get there on time.
I also like the new location in Westfield, Shepherds Bush very much. It’s open air with a cool vibe; and there’s music blasting from the Westfield PA system all day long, making it a very lively location. – Chop Chop Salon Visit – Chop Chop Salon Visit – Chop Chop Salon Visit

I used my visit to get the chop; well more of a shave. All I can say is, I’m in a weird place with my hair right now. Not entirely sure what to do with it but I know I need a change.
It started off as a pixie cut but then, I decided to shave it all off – well the back anyway. And here’s the end results. – Chop Chop Salon Visit

But having sat with the new hairstyle for a few days, I think I’ll shave off what’s left and put in a bit of colour. Let’s just say it’s a work in progress. – Chop Chop Salon Visit

Anyway, I like what Chop Chop brings to the table. It’s revolutionising the salon industry in London at least. If you want to try the Chop Chop London experience, their new salon is opened at Westfield Shepherds Bush, opposite Urban Outfitters. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play to book an appointment in minutes.

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