Introducing … HO KARAN CannaBoosters – HO Karan skincare review

I know my obsession with face serums runs deep, and you’re probably sick of hearing about face serums but in my defence, serums are REALLY good for your skin regardless of age and also because this is the UK, and at least two new skincare brands launch each week. So there’s always a new serum to try out.

But this time, I’m not talking about the goodness of face serums in general; I’m talking about new French skincare brand Ho Karan’s CannaBoosters, and I’m paying attention to HO Karan because their entire skincare range is powered by CBD. Their hemp powered face serums are formulated to target singular skincare issues.

About HO Karan – HO Karan skincare review

First, Ho Karan had me at CBD because I know the many benefits skin gets from hemp derived CBD. It’s rich in antioxidant vitamins A and E and is packed with essential fatty acids. Not to mention it has calming, anti-inflammatory and sebum balancing effects for skin. HO KARAN (means ‘I love you’ in Breton) is a French holistic skincare brand whose range highlights the importance of de-stressing by utilising the celebrated holistic talent of hemp. – HO Karan CANNABOOSTER review

The ratios of antioxidants and omega 3 within hemp gives it detoxifying, regenerating and revitalising properties. Resulting in a diverse range of effective products suitable for all skin types.

In line with its holistic approach to beauty, HO Karan products are sustainably developed – from the cultivation of botanical ingredients to the location of the laboratory, the ethos of the business is to nurture local production, traceability and supreme quality. Also, all packaging is made from 100% recyclable glass bottles and 100% recyclable hemp fibres.

Back to HO Karan’s face serums which are called Cannaboosters. These serums treat specific concerns, and is your friend if your skin is stressed out.


This is a night time serum designed to regenerate, plump and smooth the skin, giving it a restful effect worthy of a month’s vacation! – HO Karan CANNABOOSTER review

The CANNABOOSTER energy – HO Karan skincare review

This is a daytime serum, to restore the natural radiance of skin. It is energising and nourishing, giving the entire face all the nourishment it needs to combat the daily effects of stress. – HO Karan CANNABOOSTER review


Finally, this serum acts as a multipurpose serum helping to detoxify, tighten pores and create a shield against the harmful effects of pollution – perfect for Londoners, I might add. – HO Karan CANNABOOSTER review

These serums will slip easily into any skincare routine. They are light and very quickly absorbed, almost has a mattifying effect after applied meaning your moisturiser and then makeup can sit on it very comfortably.

I haven’t tried the entire range but I like what I’ve tried so far. And having an entire skincare routine that is rich in CBD will do wonders for any skin as it gets all the benefits of hemp every step of the way. Check out the entire HO Karan range here.

Speaking of skincare routines, you can download my FREE Weekly Skincare Routine Planner to help you achieve beautiful, clear skin.

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