Kate Middleton Demi-Chignon Hairstyle Tips

Kate Middleton hairstyle guide


Kate Middleton’s fashion choices and hairstyles are always popular and this Demi-Chignon (half up, half down) she wore a fortnight ago was a big hit with fans.

Today, Celebrity Hair Stylist and creator of Salon Confidential, Steph Stevenson shows us how to recreate this Kate Middleton Demi-Chignon (half up, half down) hairstyle in a step by step guide.

Tools needed

  • Root builder
  • Round medium size hair brush
  • Hairdryer
  • Velcro rollers
  • Salon Confidential hair extensions in Volume Wave if you don’t have thick, long hair like Kate Middleton.

How to Recreate the Kate Middleton Demi-Chignon Look

1. Starting the right way can make such a difference to your end result… so ensure you thoroughly cleanse and condition with the right products for your hair type. For added shine Rinse your hair for a minimum of 2 minutes, time yourself, it will ensure all residue is removed and allow the natural gloss to radiate. Towel dry as much as possible, but being gentle hair is at its weakest when it’s wet.

2. Mousse is too heavy for this look as it tends to weigh the hair down, so use a root builder or root lifter, to give you extra volume. Taking sections of your hair no wider than your hair brush, blow dry then add a Velcro roller into each dried section as you go. The heat from the hairdryer will set the rollers giving you double the volume and bounce. Leave all the rollers in place and allow to cool.
Tip: ensure all your hair is wrapped smoothly around the roller for that perfect salon finish.

3. Gently remove rollers and twist hair as you do so, then turn your head upside down and loosen out the hair, you can brush if you prefer, but if your hair is fine, it will last longer if you separate with your fingers.

4. If you are using Salon Confidential Volume Wave extensions, separate the bottom area at the back and repeat clipping the 3x clip extensions up to just below the crown area, allowing your natural hair to fall over the top and make the extension clips invisible.
TIP: If the extensions are glossier than your own hair, simply matt down with dry shampoo, however if you love the gloss and your own hair has lost it’s shine, spray your own hair with shine spray before adding the extensions.

5. You don’t need extensions in the sides unless your hair is really short, simply take the two sides of your hair back and meet on the middle area at the back of the head. If you are adventurous you can create a chignon/bun for added glamour, if not then simply clip in place and allow your natural hair to join the extensions, it will look seamless.
TIP: Hair slides are perfect to place on the ‘ join area’ and allow you to cover any mistakes until you get better with practice.

6. Be careful and sparing with finishing products like serums, they are weighty and can make hair drop very quickly, this is a fresh looking blowdry and the more movement in the hair the more A-list the look.

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