Review: WheyHey Protein Ice Cream

Protein Ice Cream for the Health Conscious.

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I came across WheyHey protein ice cream back in February at a trade show but didn’t get a chance to try it. Since then I have been on a quest to find it in my local Holland and Barrettes. It wasn’t available on my first two visits but the third time was the charm and I finally got my hands on a tub.

What is WheyHey protein ice cream?

WheyHey is a protein ice cream which contains an impressive 22 grams of high-grade protein from isolates. The average calorie-count per pot is between 118 and 123.6. This means that whey protein isolate alone constitute 71.1% of Wheyhey’s calorie-count. WheyHey ice cream comes in three flavours, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Besides water and protein isolate, WheyHey protein ice cream also contains Xylitol which is a natural alternative to sugar with several health benefits, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil which is a healthier alternative without cholesterol raising trans-fat, Skimmed-Milk Powder, Glycerin and Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum and Locust Bean Gum, a natural combination used to help improve the ice cream’s consistency, viscosity and texture.

Why the excitement about WheyHey protein ice cream?

My previous encounter with whey protein- mainly as a meal supplement had taught me that it was low in fat and carbohydrates, helped build lean muscles and promoted weight loss so what’s not to like?
Imagine all those benefits in an ice cream and I’m sold. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I finally took possession of my WheyHey protein ice cream (vanilla) but will it be all that I expected it to be?

Taste test

WheyHey tasted like normal ice cream, the texture and constituency was like any vanilla ice cream I’ve ever tasted but I enjoyed WheyHey more – perhaps that’s because for the first time it was guilt free enjoyment. Just 123.6 calories per pot, 15g protein per 100g and 5g carbohydrates per 100g.

The Verdict

There’s no doubt that WheyHey protein ice cream is way ahead of its competitors, when you compare it to other frozen snacks that market themselves as being low in fat, but are actually very high in sugar.
WheyHey is one ice cream I’ll definitely be revisiting in the coming summer months as a luxury snack considering one 150ml pot costs £2.69.

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