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Kate Nash hosts Valentine’s Day listening party

Kate Nash held a special Valentine’s Day listening party for her upcoming album, ‘Girl Talk’ last night in Camden.

Attended by friends and family, press and fans, the listening party was relaxed and laid back – a family affair of sorts.

There was champagne, non – alcoholic cocktails, sweets and a make-up bar; elements which epitomises Kate herself. She’s the friendly girl next door who’s not afraid to mingle, not something you can say of most Brit Award winners.

As she knelt on the floor, bopping her head and singing with friends to the new album, she gave the impression of someone who was having fun.

She is enjoying this journey she is on and she’s happy to share it with people who enjoyed the music too. As for ‘Girl Talk’, don’t let the title fool you, it is not restricted to female related topics as Kate’s male fans in the audience will tell you – they were bopping their heads and tapping their feet as much as the girls.

The album flowed well, had great vocals and was very upbeat. It looks like fans are right to eagerly anticipate ‘Girl Talk’ because it is good and should do well chart wise.

‘Girl Talk’ comes out on the 4th of March but can be pre-ordered now on iTunes. Kate fans can follow her blog at www.myignorantyouth.com.

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