Review: Sorelle and Equator

Low calorie drinks for a guilt free summer.

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With round the clock barbecues and picnics, trying to be good health wise during the summer can be extremely difficult. Alcohol is usually the main culprit that gets people, which is why finding a healthy option to wine and beer couldn’t have come at a better time. This summer, low calorie drinks like Sorelle and Equator gives the option for guilt free social fun.

Sorelle Wine

Sorelle is a non-alcoholic wine providing a light and refreshing alternative for those who love wine but don’t want to consume too much alcohol.

Sorelle is just 30 calories a glass, 65% less than a standard glass of wine, making it the ultimate guilt-free indulgence this summer.

Sorelle is available in two  flavours; a crisp, zesty Sauvignon Blanc and floral Rosé. It is fruity, crisp when chilled and a great tasting alternative to wine with high alcohol and sugar content.

Sorelle is available at Tesco stores across the UK for £3.49.

Equator Beer

For beer lovers, nothing says guilt free drinking like Equator. Beer flavoured, 0% calorie, and completely alcohol-free.

Equator has to be one of the most impressive low calorie drinks I have seen or tasted. It tastes like normal beer, foams like beer but has none of the alcohol, and costs less than the average beer on shelves.

Developed by SHS Drinks as a soft drink that is made to taste like a beer, Equator is not a beer that has the alcohol extracted as in some cases. It is made from a mixture of carbonated water and flavourings to give it the beer taste without the alcohol, calories or sugars.

Equator is a light and refreshing alternative for those who want to enjoy the taste of beer but are watching their calorie intake. Compared to around 135 calories in an average bottle of beer, Equator is the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

Priced at £3.00 per four pack, you can pick up Equator at Tesco stores across the UK.

In a way, low calorie drinks Equator and Sorelle make socialising this summer less awkward, no need to stick to water or juice while everyone else is enjoying a glass of wine or beer and it ensures you don’t put on any weight after all the hard work you have done to get in shape.

Have you tried Equator and Sorelle before?

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