MAC launches ‘A Tartan Tale’ makeup range!

As a November born I’ve always thought it is the coolest month of the year. Maybe I am biased but with the launch of MAC’s new A Tartan Tale make-up collection at the beginning of November, you are bound to agree with me.

A Tartan Tale is a holiday collection with a mixture of autumn shades and colours, the collection includes lipsticks in The Faerie Glen, dark grey Glamora Castle eyeshadow, Bronze Lord It Up eyeliner and My Highland Honey bright coral powder blush with soft gold pearl for a real Scotch twist.

MAC has included Sir Teddy Bear keychain to the collection, with every penny of purchase going directly towards the MAC Aids fund!
A Tartan Tale’s prices range from £12.50 for lipsticks to £29.50 for eyeshadow kit.

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