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The 2011 Cabasse Ocean Luxury Speaker System

Cabasse made a name for themselves with its La Sphere speakers sometime back, they are back again with a new product, Cabasse Ocean Speakers.
Most of you are probably wondering who Cabasse is, Cabasse is a French audio manufacturer; their La Sphere luxury speakers were a hit a few years back and their latest offering the Cabasse Ocean Speakers should follow suit.
It has a sphere design and comes with two spherical speakers driven by amplifiers. The speakers are four-way models equipped with a concentric transducer; it also has four digital amplifiers, ranging from 250 watts, for high frequencies up to 1,000 watts for the bass.
Technical Specifications:
• Type: active 4-way coaxial system
• Speakers: CBS TC23 transducer for low-medium, medium and treble; 38ND 38 cm woofer for the bass
• Amplification: 2 x 1000 W for the bass, 2 x 500 W for the low-midrange, 2 x 500 W for the medium, 2 x 250 W for acute
• Frequency response: 35 to 22,500 Hz
• Sound pressure: 117 dB SPL
• Dimensions: 120 x 51 x 61 cm
• Weight: 80 kg
The Cabasse speakers will start shipping in spring 2011 for €80,000 

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