New Beauty Bible by Bobbi Brown

With a very successful make-up line under her belt, if anyone can give beauty advice it is Bobbi Brown. The beauty guru is back with her new book ‘Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules’. 
Her first book, ‘Teenage Beauty’ was a bestseller ten years ago. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy is in tune with every busy woman’s lifestyle: a pared-down regime of make-up that enhances a woman’s natural beauty in the absolute minimum time. No woman, she insists, needs more than ten make-up steps to look fabulous.

Her new book ‘Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules’ is for the new generation of teens and twenties in need of their own quick look beauty book. Much more than just a book about make-up; ‘Beauty Rules’ embraces the ethos of building beauty from the inside out. 
Alongside lipstick tips and skincare dos and don’ts is advice on healthy eating and exercise to help maintain a balanced lifestyle and natural beauty.

Bobbi Brown’s new beauty bible Beauty Rules can be found at all major bookshops; also visit for a master class from the lady herself.

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