New Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola


Lizi’s granola have combined my two favourite things in cereal breakfasts; organic ingredients and little or no sugar.

I usually stick to pure proteins when it comes to breakfasts but since August, I’ve been giving Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola a try.

The brand launched a new low sugar range in August which is high in fibre and releases energy slowly throughout the day.

Made with all natural ingredients, it is delicious and crunchy as you’d expect and all that’s required is adding milk or yoghurt and you are ready to go.

Tip: Try with plain Greek yoghurt for an explosive taste, not to mention a low calorie breakie.
This Low Sugar Granola is the perfect for anyone who stays away from breakfast cereals because of worries about sugar content.

This one is full of natural ingredients, full of fibre and low in sugar; it fits in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.

Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola retails at £3.89 for 500g at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

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