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New MotoACTV from Motorola

This is for all the fitness fanatics out there, a ‘smart watch’ that plays music and keeps track of your various fitness vitals.
I guess a fitness gadget that that keeps track of your workout is nothing new but the MotoACTV from Motorola is quite sleek, it has a heart rate monitor in the headphones, a GPS which keeps track of steps and how far a user has run or walked, can connect wirelessly to ANT+ sensors in fitness equipment, allows users to monitor their progress over time and has Bluetooth, which can connect to Android phones; this means users  get notified of incoming calls, read alerts and text messages, or even take calls while working out.
It is also an MP3 player and FM radio which comes in 8GB and 16GB
The new MotoACTV from Motorola certainly has enough functions to blow other fitness gadgets out of the water while keeping people into exercise very happy. Price tag starts from $249.

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