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I admit I have an obsession with earphones but then again what would you expect from someone who goes through at least 2 a month and that’s in a good month. That is until I met the yurbuds which lasted 18 months before I had to add it to my earphones grave yard.

Yes, my unhealthy attachment to my mobile gadgets whether out and about or at home means I’m constantly on the hunt for durable, long lasting earphones.

Most earphones highlight their durability for physical activities but surprisingly, the gym is the one place I use my earphones the least?

What about the constant twisting and turning while on the commute or shopping or gossiping with friends whiles cooking? Any earphones that endures all that and functions fully, can survive any exercise routine that comes its way, I say.

So here I am again, full of enthusiasm as I’m about to test the Wrap Talk earphones by British Audio Industries.

My current ones are by BlackBerry, came with their BlackBerry Passport phone so it’s nothing special. There are breaks in sounds sometimes when am using them which is by way the most annoying thing about earphones. Either work or don’t – anything in between is just pointless.

Eye catching colours
Eye catching colours

Back to Wrap Talk earphones; at first glance, it looks very stylish and comes in many eye catching colours which I suppose means it won’t be easy to lose. It’s what you’d call a wearable technology.

But what makes it stand out the most is that it converts into a stylish bracelet to avoid tangles, damages or losing them although wrapping it round my wrist wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Wearable technology
Wearable technology

Wrap Talk earphones also have a universal one button microphone to answer a call, play or pause music and skip tracks all without having to dig into my bag or pockets for my device (Thank God) and it’s compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

After almost six weeks of using the Wrap Talk earphones, they’re still going strong. No kinks or breaks and I haven’t lost them yet so that’s a good sign.

I’m still trying to master the wrap around my wrist it’s a working progress but so far, I’ve been impressed. My only regret is I didn’t choose a more colourful Wrap Talk earphones just a mundane black but I’d like to believe black is classic.

My verdict, I like the Wrap Talk earphones. It solves 3 inherent problems all headphones have: storage, anti- tangle and style simply by enabling you to wear them on your wrist whilst you’re not using them. It is definitely a worth a try if you are constantly having to buy ear phones.

Wraps Talk are available in a range of colours from www.mywraps.com with prices starting at £19.99

Lifeandsullifestyle.com - Wrap Talk earphones Lifeandsullifestyle.com - Wrap Talk earphones


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