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A new take on Valentine’s Day dinner at the Corinthia Hotel London

Valentines day at Corinthia Hotel London
Graphologist Emma Bache

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it’s got me thinking; what do people do these days? Is it still the same old red roses, dinner or romantic getaway? I was at the Corinthia hotel London recently where they’ll be bringing in renowned graphologist Emma Bache to read / analyse couple’s handwriting to determine their compatibility on February 14th.

It is a fresh and fun take on the usual Valentine’s Day romantic dinner, unless of course she tells you, you are unsuited for each other which leads to a break-up, but wouldn’t you know now than years down the line?

Anyway, Emma has years of experience as a graphologist and with only a sample of handwriting, she can reveal the personality of each individual and establish whether their true love really is in the writing.

Having tried her skills on a paragraph on my handwriting, I can attest to the accuracy of her readings.

If a romantic dinner is in your plans for this Valentine’s Day then the Corinthia is the place to be.

Corinthia Hotel London will be offering this experience to guests dining across their fine dining venues. The Northall and Massimo Restaurant will be serving a set menu for the evening while a Valentine’s afternoon tea will be available in the Lobby Lounge. Emma will be available from 3pm until 11pm on Saturday 14th February 2015.


Sample handwriting analyzed by Emma
Sample handwriting analyzed by Emma


Corinthia Hotel London
Corinthia Hotel London

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