New Year, new you. 2 habits for a happier 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here and like most people, I’ve made New Year resolutions. Mine are along the lines of living a healthy lifestyle, to give more, set achievable goals. among others but as many studies have shown over the years, most New Year resolutions fall by the way side ten days into January unless we’re vigilant.

In years past, I too have been one of the many who couldn’t stick to resolutions but as 2017 drew to a close, I realised it’s about CONVICTION. Making the decision and backing it with daily action aka habits. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day so taking each day as it comes turns daily actions into habits and 30, 60 or 90 days down the line, the goal will be achieved – no sweat.

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to cut out refined carbs and stick to high protein foods instead, my ultimate goal is to drop a couple of dress sizes. One thing I decided after making the decision was, I didn’t want to wait till 2018 to begin so I gradually started cutting out processed carbs back in November 2017, the idea being by the New Year, I’d be comfortable shopping and cooking low carb meals and the habit would have stuck. One week into 2018, I’m comfortable making the right food choices, whether I’m shopping to cook at home or out with friends. Making those choices have become easy because it’s a habit now.

So as we enter the second week in 2018, whether your resolution is to lose weight, get beautiful skin or something entirely different, here are two awesome habits for a healthier, happier you. – new habits for the new year

The first habit is to take supplements. One thing I’ve learned is that we can’t always get the nutrients our body needs from the food we eat so supplements are important. We need supplements for beautiful hair, nails and skin, for the immune system, the list goes on and on. I was very cavalier about supplements, that is until I was struck down awith another cold at Christmas. I realised my immune system needed a boost all the time not just when I fall ill so one of my new habits for 2018 is to take supplements for a healthier body all year round. – New year new you.

Holland and Barrett have a massive inventory of supplements, everytime I go there there is so much to choose from. I of course can’t have everything on their shelves but here are a few things that I picked up to boost my health. – new habits for the new year

The second habit is to practice self love. Late 2017, I started reading a book called Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols because who doesn’t want abundance in all areas of their life? The book teaches how to be happier, live on purpose and have abundance in all areas of life. Once I started using the tools in the book, which includes setting goals in areas of my life like, career, finance, family, health, relationship, among others. One of the areas I have to set goals for is self, how I can, be kinder and loving to myself. – New year new you

Like most people I’m hard, super critical and harsh to myself. And when it came to writing down my goals for self care and self love, I couldn’t come up with anything. But right on cue, I got an email about this book, ‘Recharge’ by Julie Montagu. – new habits for the new year

It’s a practical book with month to month steps and tools to replenish mind, body and soul. Each month has specific areas of self-care including mindful eating, stress management, digital detox, finding your passions, building self-esteem among others. I find it to be a very timely book, just what I need for this new abundance journey I’ve embarked on.

I made a firm decision that 2018 is the year I let go of all negativity, tap fully into my potential and just experience abundance all year. And it started pretty well until the first Friday of the year when everything started to go to hell. First I lost my phone, then someone hacked the blog, as you can imagine, it’s been a stressful weekend.

It’s pretty difficult to stay calm when it feels like everything I’ve worked for over the past five years with the blog could have slipped away. I can’t say I was positive throughout the weekend but now that I’m on the other side of it all – the blog has been reinstated, and I found my phone, I’m so grateful. – new habits for the new year

I believe that in 2018, whatever your resolutions, it’ll boil down to a healthier you and self love. If you love yourself enough, you’ll take care of your health. And to achieve any goals you have set for yourself, you’ll need to love yourself with enough conviction to see it through and achieve them.

So I’m looking forward to an awesome 2018 and I hope you are too. If like me, you’re too hard on yourself and need help being kinder to you; I’ll recommend the two books above. I haven’t finished reading them yet but it’s made me more conscious and I can identify when I’m going down a negative path, and make the decision to turn round toward positivity.

I’d love to hear what new habits you’re adapting for the New Year, and what you think of the two new habits I’m taking. Have a wonderful 2018. xx

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