NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday. – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday

It’s a shame we’re still in lockdown because I don’t think we’ve had this much consistent sunshine in recent years.
I choose to believe it’s because we’re all stuck at home and not been able to pollute the environment that much in recent weeks.

Anyway, I digress. Despite the lockdown, most of us have found ways to enjoy the scorching sunshine. The high temperatures really do beg for refreshing, chilled drinks which poses a conflict especially if you’ve been disciplined with your online fitness classes.

Bank Holiday weekend is here so I thought I’d share some of my favourite low alcohol and no-alcohol ‘Nolo’ drinks you can enjoy guilt-free this weekend that’ll not waste the good you’ve done with your fitness during the lockdown.

Wild Life Botanicals – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

First on my list is this premium sparkling wine – Wild Life Botanicals. It’s refreshingly delicious but also, not a lot of wines give you nutrients while you drink it, they usually strip you of nutrients. Wild Life Botanicals is different in this regard.

It’s low in alcohol, has less sugar than champagne and prosecco, and is infused with eight vitamins and minerals (Thiamine, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Ascorbic acid and Zinc), as well as five botanicals. It also has 60% fewer calories. Wild Life Botanicals come in Nude (32 calories per 125 ml glass) and Blush (34 calories per 125 ml glass). – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

I am a wine drinker usually but this weather really does beg for chilled beers and I’ve found myself opting for a cold one while relaxing in my backyard. There are a few low alcohol and no alcohol versions that are perfect to enjoy this weather.

Small Beer – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

If artisan or small batch beer is your thing, you’ll love Small Beer. It’s the beer that caters to all – it’s low in alcohol with an ABV below 2.8; it’s vegan, low in calorie, lactose-free and low in sugar. Really, Small Beer is as guilt-free as guilt-free gets. A true gift from the ‘Nolo’ gods. There are four varieties to choose from:

  • Lager (2.1 ABV) – A classic pilsner-style lager with a continental bite. Clean, crisp & floral.
  • Session Pale (2.5 ABV) – A truly sessionable pale ale packed full of hops & glory. Juicy, tropical & citrus.
  • Steam (2.7 ABV) – An amber ale meets a lager with a punch of British rye. Dried fruit, biscuit & spice.
  • Dark Lager (1.0 ABV) – A stout on the nose and a lager on the finish. Smooth, chocolate & coffee. – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

Argus French Larger – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

Really, here’s nothing as chic as French larger, not to mention guilt-free too. Suffice to say, I’ve never seen an overweight French person and maybe it’s because even their alcoholic drinks aren’t that alcoholic to begin with. This lager has 2.5 ABV, smooth to drink, and very refreshing. Just what’s needed in the scorching sun this Bank Holiday weekend. Available at Lidl only.

Perlenbacher 0.0 – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

Another great Nolo find at Lidl is this Perlenbacher 0.0, a 0% pilsner that’ll suit you if you’re serious about your no alcohol lifestyle.
It tastes like beer, foams like beer and even makes you piss like a beer drinker which is often and hard but you never get that hit of alcohol you’ll get 3 bottles in from the alcoholic version. It’s refreshingly guilt-free with only 69 calories, meaning you’ll be back to your HIIT workout after Bank Holiday Monday with a clear head.

Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

Finally, if you’re more of a G&T kind of person, Aldi’s Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit can be the ‘G’ in your G&T. The prevailing flavours include juniper and orange peel, balanced with forest notes and infused with herbs and spiced bitters. It also ticks every ‘Nolo’ box – it’s vegan, sugar free and low in calories. – NOLO! Guilt-free drinks to enjoy this Bank Holiday.

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