Product of the week: Moroccan exfoliating bath glove.


I haven’t done products of the week/month in a while, mainly because I haven’t had much time to seek out new products but it’s back! Thanks to my stumbling on this amazing exfoliator – the Moroccan exfoliating bath glove or the Kessa glove. It is used in Moroccan hot hammam and spas.

I’m not sure where I got it from, I think it was part of a gift bag I received months ago. I decided to try it last Friday and I was pleasantly surprised. Made from a mesh-like material, it’s strong and doesn’t soften when it comes in contact with water, something I’m really happy about.

It’s easy to use because as a glove, it fits the hand making it easy to navigate and helps you get to those hard to reach places. Ashy skin, hardened skin on feet, knees and elbows don’t stand a chance against this product.

The glove makes your body scrub work harder and by the time I’d finished my bath, I felt like I had new skin. It opens pores so the essential oils and nutrients in bath products can enter the body. It also works great on cellulite as oxygen easily enters exfoliated pores. The more you use it, the better your blood circulation becomes.

The Moroccan exfoliating bath glove really is a fantastic product and I discovered it at just the right time. If you are trying to get beautiful skin in time for the ‘big reveal’ this summer? This will get rid of dead skin, toxins, cellulite and reveal soft, new skin.

Easy fit for easy navigation
Easy fit for easy navigation

I tracked down the Moroccan exfoliating bath glove at, priced at £4.99

4.5/5* (It’s machine washable and the strength remains the same after wash.)

5/5 excellent
4/5 exceeded expectations
3/5 met expectations and was very pleasant
2/5 did not meet expectations
1/5 dreadful

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