Review: SUQQU Gankin Massage

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All facials promise radiant results with varying timescales of how long the glow will last but not all facials promise a sculpted look which is why we were excited to give Japanese makeup and skincare brand SUQQU’s Gankin Massage a try. drainage massage face and neck

Gankin Massage is a form of lymphatic drainage massage which is traditionally used to aid the flow of the lymphatic system and boost the body’s natural draining processes.

In fact, some researchers believe it can help stave off Alzheimers and even certain types of cancers. 

As a beauty treatment, lymphatic drainage massage is used to drain excess water, get rid of toxins and circulate nutrients in the body, as well as sculpt features. 

The facial technique eliminates puffiness and promotes radiance while helping to sculpt and define cheekbones like nothing we’ve ever seen before. - face lymphatic drainage massage

The seven-step massage uses SUQQU’s Designing Massage Cream and Clarifying Toner as well as the new VIALUME skincare range to tighten skin and boost circulation.

Gankin targets pressure points to ease facial stiffness, draining the lymph nodes to allow easy flow and encouraging blood circulation. All of which depuffs the face and detoxifies skin to leave it glowing.

The massage was performed by SUQQU’s resident makeup artist, Shumana who began the massage by removing all makeup. She then applied the SUQQU Clarifying Toner followed by the Designing Massage Cream which is specially formulated to hydrate the skin and work directly on the muscles of the face to promote blood circulation and firm the skin.

What happens during a Gankin lymphatic drainage massage

Her firm but rigorous manipulation of my facial muscles with her knuckles can only be described as a sports massage for the face.

However, the massage itself with the aid of the deeply hydrating SUQQU skincare products was by no means uncomfortable. I’d describe it as soothing. And I could see the transformation in my skin with every step.

We were in the middle of Selfridges which I wouldn’t describe as tranquil in the lead-up to Christmas but the tiny room within the SUQQU stand shut it all out so I was able to relax and take in the experience.

After the massage, my skin was brighter and more contoured. I had high cheekbones and looked depuffed. The expected glowing skin and facelift lasted three days.

The massage lasted about half an hour with the other half of my appointment used for a makeover and trying SUQQU’s Christmas makeup collection.

The Gankin massage is recommended if you have a special occasion coming up in 72 hours or less to reap the benefits. Or just want to treat yourself because your face looks, tired, puffy, and dull.

The SUQQU Gankin Massage is available at Selfridges and Fenwick on Bond Street.

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