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Stuart Hughes makes the World’s Most Expensive iPhone.

Stuart Hughes is back and he doesn’t do anything cheap. His latest creation is this customised iPhone set a whopping £5 million (just over $8 million), making the new iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition the most expensive customized iPhone ever.

The bezel of this luxurious iPhone 4 32GB is handmade from rose with approximately 500 individual flawless diamonds totaling over 100 ct. The rear is made of rose gold with an extra touch of its rose gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.
The main navigation is made from platinum, which holds a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond. There is also a rare 8ct single cut flawless diamond that can replace the pink one.
The chest is made from a single block of granite in imperial pink, with Nubuck top grain leather lining. I have always wondered if anyone ever buys Stuart Hughes’ creations at such prices, on that note it makes sense that only two iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition will be made.

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