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Fragrances for now!

Do you change your fragrances as the seasons change? Summer usually requires a light and refreshing scent that keeps the wearer fresh even in the hottest of weathers. Here are my Summer fragrances for the season and the good news is they will get you through summer into early autumn.

The Avon three:

Avon released three fragrances at the beginning of summer which have been a staple in my beauty routine these past few weeks. All three scents are 30ml in size and cost just £3 when first introduced.

Scent Essence: Vibrant fruity


Fruity and floral at the same time, the Vibrant fruity is a very feminine scent made up of succulent blackberries, delicate apple blossom and smooth soft woods. It is subtle but has a lasting effect which is perfect for summer or warm weather.

Scent Essence: Romantic bouquet

romantic bouquet

This ultra feminine fragrance is exactly what it says on the bottle, it’s very romantic thanks to the violet blossom and peony petals  which radiates sweet floral undertones. The scent is perfect to wear in early to late evening on summer nights out.

Scent Essence: Sparkly citrus


My favourite of all three fragrances released by Avon is this fresh and zesty citrus scent.  It gives you that mental feeling of freshness no matter how hot or humid the weather is. The scent comprises of a burst of fresh citrus from Sicilian bergamot and sparkling lime blossoms with a hint of spicy blond cedarwood.

Dad`s Garden Lemon Tree Lush:

lush lemon

The bottle makes this fragrance look like a weed killer but don’t be fooled, it’s all for the good of the environment and the lemony fresh fragrance it dispenses is all you need on hot days to feel fresh. Dad`s Garden Lemon Tree by Lush is unisex with notes of citrus, aromatic fresh, woody and green.

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