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Summer Skincare… New Dove Shower Foam.

Summer’s finally here – yay! Temperatures are up, and so is my ice cream consumption, tussle with hayfever and showers.

Yes, being all hot and sweaty isn’t a nice feeling so I’m currently up to three showers a day. Which means I finally have the chance to really enjoy this new Dove Shower Foams and experience its full benefits.

I just love how airy it is, it smells gorgeous and of course it is moisturising for the skin as well.

I’ve had a couple of bottles of  since the beginning of this year when Dove launched three new shower foams along with a plethora of other products in celebration of its 60th birthday.

Dove Shower Foam comes in Deeply Nourishing, Pampering Pistachio Cream and Magnolia; and yes, each feels as lush and smell as yummy as the name sounds.

I find it economical to use as a little dollop of foam doubles into many bubbles lasting an entire shower. It’s quite relaxing and keeps skin hydrated for longer plus it’s Dove, so it’s super nourishing and moisturising for the skin- what’s not to love right?

These Shower foams feels like they’ve been around for a while but really even though they were launched earlier in the year, they’ve only just hit the shelves. They can be found exclusively at Superdrug now and at all other stores from the end of this month (July) for just £3.


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