Introducing Remeo Gelato… the true taste of Italy in a jar.

Pizza, pasta, wine –these are all things that we can attribute to Italy, and it’s all true but I believe gelato is one of those things that is quintessentially Italian and Remeo is just that. It’s the first artisanal Gelato in a jar in the UK, completely hand made in Italy.

Aside from the fact that it’s been awarded the Superior Taste Awards by Michelin star chefs. It really is one of the best gelati I’ve ever tasted. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, and extremely tasty.

I hear the recyclable and reusable Remeo Gelato designer jar is to thank for the superior taste. It’s designed to preserve the taste and freshness of each Gelato flavour.

Hand made in Milan, Remeo Gelato is made using fresh milk, cream, pure raw sugar and complimented by delicious produce.

It’s naturally healthier and lighter than ice-cream, thanks to its low amount of cream, no eggs and 100% natural ingredients which means on average, it has 35% less calories than ice-cream.

It also uses a slow churning process which incorporates less air into the product giving it a smoother texture and more flavour per spoonful.

It’s free of artificial nasties which makes it more delicate and melts quicker than traditional ice cream. The ideal serving-temperature is below -10C and should not be refrozen for the best tasting experience.

Remeo Gelato comes in seven flavours:

No.1 Caffè Espresso
No.2 Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla
No.3 Dark Chocolate (72%)
No.4 Limóne Siciliano Sorbetto
No.5 Pistacchio Siciliano
No.6 Stracciatella
No.7 Alphonso Mango Sorbetto

It’s really difficult to choose a favourite but if I were forced to, I’d have to go with the Stracciatella and Alphonso Mango Sorbetto. Sorry I couldn’t choose just the one and that Alphonso Mango Sorbetto is like nectar from the gods.
Ever since I tasted Remeo Gelato, let’s just say I’m obsessed, I can’t get enough of it and I comfort myself with the fact that Gelato has less sugar than traditional ice cream. It’s also all natural ingredients and gluten-free. Phew.

Remeo Gelato is available in Waitrose, Ocado, premium Independents as well as Wholefoods and Harvey Nichols.

Have you tried Remeo Gelato? What’s your favourite flavour.

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