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I recently discovered the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club (with a little help from the PR ) but that aside, I decided on this post because I believe it is a very interesting concept worth looking into.

The Discovery Club allows you to sample scents before making the full commitment of a purchase because let’s face it, full size quality fragrances aren’t cheap and you’d want to make sure you actually like the fragrance before you buy.

Not to mention that getting samples at beauty counters these days is like squeezing water out of a stone (what’s up with that?)

 Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 3rd Edition
Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 3rd Edition

How it works

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club is a perfume samples club which allows members to explore the very latest fragrances for just £5 per quarter.
As a member of the Discovery Club, you will receive five perfume samples of the most recently launched brands straight to your door.

The box also contains a booklet with full information on all fragrances as well as a discount voucher booklet worth £25. And members can cancel their subscription to the club at any time.

 Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 3rd Edition.
Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 3rd Edition.

Things to consider

-You can keep your fragrances up to date. You get new samples every quarter.
-You get to try before you buy
-You make savings on fragrance purchases courtesy of the discount vouchers.
-Membership costs just £5 and can be cancelled at anytime.
-Is it worth the quarterly £5 when you can take your chances requesting samples at beauty counters?

Personally, I like the idea of having perfume samples delivered to my door so I can take my time deciding which one I like best and the discount vouchers are a nice touch – who doesn’t like savings?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Discovery Club. Are you already a member or is it something you’ll consider joining or would you rather spritz in store and ask for fragrance samples?

To sign up for the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club, visit


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