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Treating stubborn curly hair.

As someone with stubborn curly hair, I tried Mixed Chicks with a little scepticism. After all, this isn’t the first time a hair product has proclaimed to make stubborn hair like mine manageable.

Having decided to go natural and free of all chemicals a year ago, I’ve found it hard to control or style my hair.
Not a big fan of salons purely because of the waiting time plus it’s not cheap, I felt going with my natural hair will mean a quick wash and treatment every forthright with no need for salon professionals but it hasn’t been as easy as that.

As the relaxer chemicals faded, and I used more natural products – homemade conditioners, softeners etc, I realised my hair was healthier but unmanageable.

Curly but more kinky, I couldn’t comb it properly unless wet and full of coconut oil. It was hard to style because of its volume  and the style wouldn’t hold so I resorted to easier methods like wearing lace front wigs.

On the one hand, I was excited to have healthy hair for the first time in years after all the damage relaxers had inflicted but on the other hand, I had to hide the hair under wigs because I couldn’t control it.

Control, is a quality Mixed Chicks products are promoting so I decided to try it. I chose the Mixed Chicks sulphate free shampoo which gets straight, wavy and curly hair squeaky clean as my first step, and followed with a deep-conditioning treatment.

I worked the entire hair with the deep treatment conditioner, covered it with a cling film / shower cap for about 15 mins. When I rinsed it out, I was very pleased with the results. My hair was buttery soft – I usually get that kind of results after an hour of egg, sheabutter and coconut oil heat treatment.

I then concluded the process with the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner then allowed the hair to air dry naturally. The end result  was soft and more defined curls and my entire hair had become more manageable.

It was easier to style and gave me more options – I could have it in soft bouncy curls and now a pony tail is easier to achieve as the volume has become manageable. An excellent outcome all in the comfort of my home.

With Summer right round the corner, my discovery of Mixed Chicks couldn’t have come at a better time- no more front lace wigs,It’s time to allow my hair to roam free.


The Range

Mixed Chicks range of shampoos
It’s natural, gets the hair squeaky clean. It’s also colour safe, and won’t strip natural oils.

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
The deep conditioner works a treat on straight and curly styles alike. It nourishes, detangles and restores thirsty locks.
The exclusive conditioning blend penetrates and reconstructs damaged areas and transforming style-stubborn hair.

Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner
This is the most popular product in the range, it is an ideal way to create fuss free, big, bouncy and defined curls. Designed to moisturise, control frizz and define curls, simply work a generous portion through soaking wet hair, leave in and air dry for the softest, bounciest and most defined curls you had ever had.

A great tip is to dilute some leave in conditioner in a spray bottle as a quick fix for frizzy hair that curly girls can sometimes be afflicted with.

Mixed Chicks also has a range for Kids and men with curly hair. Visit www.mixedchicks.net for more information.

Have you used Mixed Chicks products before?


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