The New George Forman Evolve

George Forman Evolve Grill

I recently went along to the launch of the new George Forman Evolve. We all know George Forman grill, it’s been around for a while now and the things I’ve always loved about George Forman grills is its fat reducing and it’s easy to clean qualities.

The new George Forman Evolve promised even more exciting and innovative new features; and Russell Hobbs and George Foreman product tester, recipe developer and demonstrator, Emma Walker-Hughes was on hand to demonstrate how the new Evolve works.

New features include a new Deep pan & adjustable foot which allows the user to cook omelettes, ratatouille, pizzas (yes, really), small stews and any other dishes that need to retain the liquids.

Another new feature is the Sear Function which provides intense heat (260°C) for 90 seconds before returning to normal cooking temperature, enabling the user to brown meat on the outside. The sear function works perfectly on tuna and salmon steaks.

Another new feature is the Waffle Plates which can be bought separately so users whip up waffles in the record time. And of course, the Evolve has the fat reducing feature which is at the core of the George Foreman grill, with independent tests showing that the grills remove up to 42% of fat.


Cooking pizza with the new George Forman Evolve
Cooking pizza with the new George Forman Evolve

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