Top 5 recipes and party planning books for the festive season

The festive season is finally upon us, Halloween is in a few days, followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas not to mention all the other events in between – someone mention office party?It is therefore no surprise that the fight to be the top recipe / party planning book this Christmas has already begun. If you are like me, you’ll get overwhelmed by the many smiling faces of celebs and chefs on bookshelves trying to get you to pick them – they can be so needy sometimes.

I’ve picked my top five recipes and party planning books currently out there…

Celebrate by Pippa Middleton


Four wardrobe changes in one afternoon aside, this is a much anticipated book from the future queen’s sister.  
Celebrate begins with autumn and ends in summer. It covers the British year and a whole range of social and family occasions with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas. 

Although some reviewers haven’t been too kind to the owner of Britain’s hottest derrière, they have however praised the simplicity of the ideas and recipes in Celebrate.

Unique Party Ideas by Cherry Menlove

Self-proclaimed homemaker, Cherry Menlove offers an inspirational yet simple-to-use guide for celebrating the best of autumn. 
The eBook is split into four sections: from the craft room; the kitchen; the home and the garden.

Delicious dishes include Roasted Loin of Pork with Calvados & Apple Sauce, and Cherry’s very own Spicy Apple Pie that will make the whole house smell divine.

Christmas with Gordon

What can I say? Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the foul-mouthed chef. 
His book, Christmas with Gordon gives inspiration, advice and 75 failsafe and delicious recipes for all occasions over the Christmas period. 
The book also gives Advice on wines and party drinks, cheese and other festive ingredients complete this invaluable guide to the perfect Christmas.

Delia’s Happy Christmas


Can you remember celebrating Christmas without Delia? I know I can’t. This cookbook is your guide to a stress-free Christmas. 
It gives you 150 recipes, including 100 new recipes and 50 much-loved classics, plus menu plans and shopping lists. 
There is also Delia’s The Last-Minute Christmas – a chapter for those who leave things to the eleventh hour.
You know what they say, everyone needs Delia at Christmas!

Nigella Christmas

Nigella may not be many peoples’ favourite but her book comprises reliable, practical, easy-to-follow recipes and reassuring advice about planning and cooking ahead.
The book has anything from scrumptious Christmas cakes and puddings, to quick and easy homemade presents (biscuits, preserves and other standbys) and edible tree-decorations, recipes for feeding friends and family over the holiday season with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment.
So there you have it, my top five recipes and party planning books for the festive season.  I would love to hear what you think of my picks. Have I missed an obvious book? Let me know.

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