Is Beauty Angel’s ELT the final nail in Botox’s coffin?

In an age where the search for youth and beauty is rampant and a new anti-ageing cream or diet is pushed on us at every turn, I was intrigued to hear about the launch of a new non evasive beauty procedure which could spell the end of extreme anti- ageing procedures such as surgery and botox.

Curious, yes but for the most part cynical; I wanted to know what was so different about Beauty Angel’s ELT so I got myself down to the Cucumba salon on Poland Street for the official launch.

Brought to the UK by JK Group Health and Beauty Technologies plc, ELT stands for Energising Light Technology, a new non- evasive light therapy used for anti-ageing and skin renewal therapy.

How it works

The technology stimulates the fibroblasts in the body activating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron – all the natural ingredients you need to roll back the years.

It uses safe and gentle broad active light spectrum of eight wavelengths ranging from 570-850 nanometres to boost the natural reversal of ageing.

Revolutionary or more of the same?

There are other anti-ageing light technologies out there so what makes Beauty Angel’s ELT special? Compared to other technologies, ELT uses more wavelengths, 570-850 nanometres to be exact which is more effective than the single or selective wavelengths other technologies use.

After a single ELT session lasting 15 – 20 minutes, skin is soft and supple, pores are refined and the skin takes on a youthful glow.

While long term sessions over a 5-10 weeks period can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age and pigment spots, dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

For optimum results, three sessions a week over a 5-10 week period is recommended.

The Verdict

A lot of things struck a chord with me about Beauty Angel’s ELT, as it would be with many people spending money on anti- ageing products every month.

Its versatility for one is impressive, it can be used not just on the face and neck but on other parts of the body to combat other skin issues such as stretch marks, spots and skin rashes. Not a claim all anti-ageing light technologies can make.

What impressed me the most about Beauty Angel’s ELT is how quickly you feel the difference. After a quick 8 minute test session, my skin was plumper and my pores were significantly refined not to mention I felt completely relaxed under the light.

Interest in extreme anti-ageing methods such as lasers, Botox injections and surgery have been low since the introduction of non-evasive light technologies and perhaps, ELT is the final nail in the coffin.

Why would anyone inject their body full of poison or have life threatening surgery when a simple 20 minute session of Beauty Angel’s ELT will give far better results, no pain, cost you less and boost your blood circulation?

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT) is available in London at Spa Illuminata in Mayfair and Cucumba salon in Soho. Sessions cost between £23.50 and £65.00.

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