Two Weeks in the Super Fast Lane: The Two-Week Diet

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Need to get in shape fast for the summer? Me too and luckily I’ve got just the book to help us do it!
Fiona Kirk’s Two weeks in the Super Fast Lane promises to whip you in shape in just two weeks, and the great thing is, there is  no calorie counting or weighing yourself and you can have chocolate (dark) every day if you want.

Fiona  is also the author of Soup can make you thin and Eat Live &Lose the flab, both popular diet  books that help you lose weight and get healthy fast.

I’m singing this two week diet’s praises because I tried the author’s Soup can make you thin – 10 day flab fight last year and it worked wonders; that is until I fell on the greasy takeaway wagon and piled on the weight again. So like last year’s Body Reset Diet Diaries, I’m going to undertake the Two Weeks in the Super Fast Lane Challenge and share the experience with you.

Fruit & Veg recommended
Fruit & Veg recommended
Healthy proteins recommended
Healthy proteins recommended
Dark chocolate allowed
Dark chocolate allowed

The Two Week Diet Rules:

  • Have a mug of hot lemon and ginger first thing in the morning
  • Have a spoonful of ginger pickle before each meal
  • Have 2-3 good-sized meals.
  • Leave 5 hours between each meal.
  • Drink 2-3 large glasses of water plus recommended drinks between meals but not with meals.
  • Eat fruit on its own one hour before or 3 hours after a meal.
  • Use butter from grass-fed cows for cooking and spreading plus other fat and oil recommendations.
  • Have your last meal of the day a minimum of 3 hours before bed.
  • Have your chocolate ‘fix’ and take your supplements (both optional).
  • Have three non starch days followed by one starch day
  • Recommends 20 – 30 minutes exercise three days a week
  • Stick to fruits and vegetables as well as good fats and lean protein
  • Avoid white carbohydrates
  • Drink water every two to three hours

This two week diet book comes with daily meal plans and recipes that are quite easy to follow and after the fourteen days, the book guarantees at least a drop in dress size or in some cases more.

If you are looking to get bikini ready, join me in the 2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane Challenge and let’s get back in shape.

2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane (eBook) is available to download through Amazon Kindle priced £2.99 and also in paperback priced £5.99.

Sample Meals:

Grilled salmon & Veg
Grilled salmon & Veg
Chicken broth and other soups
Chicken broth and other soups

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